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Meri Meri

Sparkler Number Candles

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Who doesn’t like a sparkler? These simple but oh-so-effective number, star, and heart sparkler candles will add a sprinkle of magic to a birthday cake. Each candle is dipped in a profusion of gold glitter that will flare gently and emit sparks when lit.

Gold detail
Product dimensions:
Sparkler height - 2.5 inches
Pack dimensions: 2.5 x 7.75 x 0.125 inches

Good to know:

  • Small cake sparklers emit less smoke and fewer harmful particles as compared to regular sparklers. It is completely safe to use them indoors on cakes and pastries. They add a fun touch to your confection — but they spark for a shorter time and sparkle a lot less furiously than the full-size variety.
  • Although the sparkler candles burn for only a short time, they cannot be blown out by a person while cutting the cake. However, they burn out automatically after their burning life ends.
  • To light: Touch a lighter or match to the tip of the upper end of the sparkler candle.