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Meri Meri

Rainbow Balloon Arch Kit

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This magnificent six-foot balloon arch, with forty balloons, will be sure to be a festive focal point at any celebration! Perfect decor for birthday parties, baby showers, graduations and many happy occasions. The colorful balloons, ten of which are pre-filled with gorgeous confetti, will add style to any occasion. Beautifully finished with golden streamer tassels for an elegant look. By Meri Meri.

  • Pack of 40 balloons in 15 colors including:
  • 10 pre-filled confetti balloons
  • Balloon fixing strip
  • Gold streamer tassels
  • Assembly instructions are included!
  • Pack dimensions: 6.25 x 6 x 1.25 inches

Meri Meri’s top quality balloons are quite sturdy. Still, do not expose them to high heat (like hot outdoor temperatures on a summer day) or treat them roughly. If they pop with confetti in them, it will create quite a shower!
Getting confetti to stick inside an air-filled balloon
The balloons in this kit are pre-filled with a generous amount of confetti. Blow up balloon part way and hold the end closed with your fingers while you create a bit of static by gently dragging the inflated balloon along a blanket, upholstered surface (I use a velvet love seat), even a wool sweater. Shake and rotate the balloon to distribute the confetti in a pleasing way. When satisfied, blow up the balloon completely and tie the end. Repeat the static-creating process several times until your balloon looks beautiful. The first balloon will take a bit of time but the process should work a lot quicker once you get the hang of it.