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Cody Foster

Iris Apfel Christmas Ornament

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As the world's oldest fashion icon, Iris Apfel delights with her exuberant style and wise musings on life and age. A confident woman who has elevated getting dressed to an art form, Apfel has an fearless approach to life that shines in this blown glass ornament, hand-painted and glittered, with faux feathers and plastic chain, by Cody Foster. A perfect gift for any woman who believes in courage and self-expression (or needs to work at it).
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Size: 5" High
Material: Glass
Iris Apfel is an inspiration:
• 'When the fun goes out of dressing, you might as well be dead.'
• 'You've got to try it. You've only got one trip, you have to remember that.'
• 'If your hair is done and you're wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything.'
• 'I don't see anything wrong with a wrinkle. It's kind of a badge of courage.'
• 'I don't dress to be stared at; I dress for myself.’